Thursday, October 16, 2008

Pontianak BH at Jungkat Beach

Yesterday i took a bus from alor setar to kl for a trip to pontianak. I arrived at KL about 3 am. wait one of my friends to take us to the airport. We took Airasia about 830am to Kuching. At kuching, we meet with Mr HArry. Then we took a Batavia to the Pontianak. We arrived at Pontianak about 2 pm. Today, pontianak is running. However, we can saw a lot of bird is flying back to the BH about 330pm pontianak time.

The attachments is the BH that is located at Jungkat Beach. This is the sample house of this project. IN 2 MONTH time, we can get improve of 80 finish nest. So, total is already 170 nest in 8 month time !!! We hope that we can get 1000 nest in one year time. Due to today is getting dark already, so we will go in and have a final count tomorrow. So , tomorrow i will post some pictured for all of u.

The size of this BH is 8meter X 20 meter.

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